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Truth in a Vacuum

Truth isn’t something that’s accepted lightly. It’s infuriating. When you are confronted with a truth about yourself, you become angry. It’s a classic reaction to the shattering image you once held. Your ego doesn’t like to be wrong, and it hates to be shown its own reflection.

Truth is not something that you can pass judgment on. It is neither good nor bad. It simply is. Time and time again you’ve been presented with a challenge to overcome. Sometimes this challenge is quaint, and sometimes the obstacle appears as a mountain. However, this challenge is presented to you so that you can evolve into a higher being. You evolve into something that thinks differently. This is not your ego. Your ego is the persona you’ve built to define who you believe yourself to be.

You may think that you’ve solved whatever issues have come to you in the past, but life continues to cycle you through similar trials and tribulations. When you awaken to the truth, you will be mad. You will deny it. You will try and fight it, but you cannot escape this cycle. You will only repeat it, again and again. The only way to break out of this cyclic nature is to become self-aware. This isn’t your average self-awareness that makes you check for your phone and keys every time you leave the house. This is a self-awareness that makes you an active participant with the thoughts that you allow. Why would you continue living life doing the same things? Denying, worrying, stressing, and so on… Why continue to play passive, and make excuses for all your short comings?

Life is a cycle. We cycle through the same thoughts over and over again. Nothing can be truly vanquished. Wars, protests, movements, etc.. all seem to explode out during certain seasons. They’re hallmarks of the common thoughts and thinking processes that most humans cycle through. The world will never be a perfect place, because that is not what it’s meant to be. Perfect is a reality we can strive for, but the basis of our understanding in this world stems in what we invest the most energy.

Perfect is a reality we can strive for, but the basis of our understanding in this world stems in what we invest the most energy.

If you spend most of your time believing in negative outcomes/conflict, then expect negative outcomes and conflicts. If you spend the majority of your time believing in optimistic thoughts, then expect positive results. Your mind will seek that which comforts it the most. If your mind is normalized to something, it always looks for that which reinforces its notions about life. The world that we live in was built in order for you and I to have obstacles, dilemmas, challenges, injustices, and so on. A world without any of this would require little or lack of effort. A world without an adversary is a world with no change. Evolution on a grand scale wouldn’t work.

Within this life, in this reality, you are facing problems head on. You are the “mastermind” of your life. You can make decisions, fail, try again, and within that you learn something beautiful about yourself. Some aspect of you needed to experience this life exactly as you are now, no pampering or easing your way into it. You were thrown into this fast spinning pit that can change at any given moment. Don’t be afraid to seek truth, you should always question yourself and your actions. Why do I continue doing the things that I do? Life works from the inside out. if you really want to experience what all life has to offer, work from within.

3 thoughts on “Truth in a Vacuum”

  1. Great article and so true! My aunt told me years ago, “bad, uncomfortable and hurtful things are put on us for a reason. If you don’t learn from it, you’ll be tested again and again until you learn from it.” And it’s true. It’s also true that thoughts become things and situations in our lives! Thank you for this post!

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