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The Fallacious Truth: Psychics, Root Workers, and Fortune Tellers

Once upon a time, I was that person who wanted others to piece my life together. I gave the ultimate gift of life away, because I was afraid of what I may do once in control. I was afraid of failing. I was afraid of choosing wrong. I was afraid of not choosing at all. So I would spend a substantial portion of my time: listening to monthly readings, reading daily tarot cards, following psychics/mediums on social media, and paying for one-on-one sessions with them. I wanted an unknown power to guide me. I wanted so bad to believe in someone else’s dreams for myself.

Any health professional will tell you that wellness is encompassed by eight dimensions. Being physically healthy is simply one dimension of an individual’s total wellness.

The eight dimensions of wellness.

Now, the last dimension listed is very important. The dimension of spirituality is highly dismissed and heavily debated.

As we all are aware organized religion continues to play an unmitigated role within our world and society. This post will examine an archetype that supplements a spiritual void.

Spirituality is hard to define, because the meaning of it is not concrete. It varies person-to-person. In my own words, spiritual health is healing or calming the human psyche or consciousness, and creating an intimate relationship or ritual in which your internal self or energy is balanced.

Many people crave to understand a variety of questions. Where do we come from? Why are we here? What is the purpose of all of this? Being in the field of science, we search for observable, testable, and reliable phenomena. This does not mean that all scientists are atheists, because there are many that observe an organized religion.

Many individuals have an instinctive need for something “greater” than them to tell them what to do.

It’s as if we are wired to believe in something outside of ourselves. We have to know what’s around the corner, and what’s the correct decision to make. We have to know if we will get the job, who we will marry, when we will marry, and if we will marry. We have to know if we are doing life right.

What if you aren’t supposed to know the answers to these questions? Not to shift blame onto any authentic psychics or fortune tellers, but your life is yours.

The scary realization: maybe life is in fact a product of random choices and decisions made by yourself and others. But why give those important and less-important choices for someone else to decide. This isn’t to say that everything you desire to happen will happen, but it is saying that there is a strong possibility for your every want to occur. To all my New Age readers, there is nothing wrong with seeing fortune readers and psychics, but let’s practice more self-efficacy in creating the life we want.

We aren’t learning what was meant to be learned. We have to begin practicing solemnity within not-knowing. We have to embrace the unknown, and no you do not have to believe the things told to you by a person whom you paid upwards of $20 a hour.

My best advice to give is to seek guidance, but recognize that ultimately life is yours. You don’t have to live life in accordance to someone else’s words. You get to choose. Imagine a blank slate where you can fill in with a pencil whatever it is you want to write.

The best way to practice piecing your life together is to understand that you will fail more times than not. Because we are meant to evolve, you will gradually get better and better at becoming a “puzzle-master.” So next time life begins to be overwhelming, come read this piece, and save yourself $20.

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