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How Your Seemingly Worst Traits Can Be Assets

Pledging into a Greek organization is in short a tedious process. It has been discussed ad nauseam, but I wanted to share my words on Greek life. Greek organizations are secret and exclusive private organizations. Their governing bodies are represented at a national level. Each organization has a unique history, and a horde of individuals whom are held at high-esteem within their respective communities. The process of being indoctrinated into these organizations is all-consuming on many levels (i.e. financial, mental, emotional, psychological, and physical). This is not a post about how I tried joining such organization, but rather a post about how one of my seemingly “negative” qualities saved me.

I think that as individuals within a defined society, there are certain attributes of yourself that are congratulated and some attributes that are shunned. We are mostly taught to exalt noble traits such as selflessness. But really our traits are best described as gradients, and not really to be defined by concrete boundaries.

See people are complicated. We are full of many twists and turns. Backtracking. Forward-thinking. Doubts. Assurances.

It may come as a surprise, but most people are hypocrites. We really only do what’s best for ourselves with no thought of another person’s wants or needs. Of course with many instances, situations do vary (especially if you have children).

For me, my greatest weakness is being stubborn. This trait of stubbornness has cost me many things in life, but it has also helped me in just as many situations. In sum, there’s a time and place. There are no seemingly bad or good qualities about you, rather just a learned process in using them at the right time and in the correct situations.

Back to the original story, my personal character trait of being stubborn allowed me to not debase myself to the whims of peer pressure and the glamour of status. I wasn’t going to be bullied into submission for an opportunity to join an exclusive club (lifetime membership or not). It wasn’t worth my: pride, sanity, and morals. I could never give myself away for someone’s judgment.

I am in no way stating that I do not care for others, because that is not true. What I will say is that from my stubbornness comes my determination. Determination requires you to have a personal strength that defies outside pressure, and makes you double down in your beliefs in trying times.

The bumblebee’s anatomy should render the insect flightless, but it flies anyway.

As much as we all like to paint ourselves as happy-go-lucky people who are altruistically sound, that isn’t reality and it shouldn’t be. Learning how to develop the skills and characteristics of who you are is key. The main takeaway is that you should develop (evolve) innate abilities into something beneficial.

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