Dreams, introspection, Mindfulness

Thinking/Imagining is Holding You Back

I think in life many of us get so caught up in daydreams, or thinking about how great our lives can be.

In the midst of these thoughts, we forget the most crucial part and that is taking action into making those dreams a reality.

I’m a big believer in self-efficacy (not in all things of course), but life is basically yours for the taking.

If you dream and wish for something enough, the only thing stopping it from being is your belief system and action taking.

It should begin in small steps. Over time, those small steps will lead to something much greater, because now you will be putting into practice all those crazy ideas and dreams.

Seeing is believing, but doing is creating. When you envision something, then should follow physical manifestations. Always remember that your intrinsic beliefs indicates what comes after the work being done.

Someone wise once told me, “We are all given a dream, the difference is those who act towards it, or piece their life together to create that what they’ve been shown.” 

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