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update: insight to my creative process

So I’ve been offline for a while –besides the incessant course work, lab work, and personal life craziness– I’ve fell into a pattern of questioning if this blog or creative space is really even worth it. Also, I only write when I feel an inclination to do so.

I had to think on why I’m doing this. What’s the purpose? Who am I writing for? Should I write for anyone at all, or should it be just a personal, public access journal? I think when anyone shares their form of creativity –be it drawings, paintings, music, writings, or otherwise– it takes a lot of guts to do so. Writing for yourself is easy. You don’t have to finish it, it doesn’t have to be coherent, it can be short or long, and you are the only critic.

I can definitively say that any post from this moment forward will be much more raw and forthcoming. I was my harshest critic and holding back, because I was writing for other people. I can’t do that anymore. For any who happens to read this, I suggest to not hold back on your creative voice. Your creative voice is the real, unedited you. Don’t feel scared to express yourself. The real you needs to be heard, seen, and felt. I feel like as humans we conflate our identities under the pressure to conform to “normal.”

I made this blog, so that I can have an online space to share my thoughts and writings. I’m fully letting go of all the preconceived notions and anxiety that I have surrounding my creative expression, and I’m looking forward to all that will come from it.

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