A Woman with Focus is a Powerful Force

Women everywhere are in danger. In fact, we always were. One of the most important Civil Rights legislation in the United States has dissipated. We all knew of the possibility that Roe v Wade would be overturned; however, this sets a turning point in Western society. Knowing something is going to happen is different from it actually happening. Social media swarmed with supporters and opponents alike, and only one word can sum up the feelings of many women and men: anger.

Anger is not commonly afforded to women. An angry woman is not womanly. Women are supposed to be understanding and forgiving. This is not to say an angry man will not be accosted by his outburst, but his anger is justified.

The sayings: “boys will be boys” or “sometimes men fight” rings true. We saw it with the infamous assault of Rihanna by Chris Brown. Detractors frothing at the mouth said, “She must have done or said something to upset him.” They said this while overlooking that a grown, able man repeatedly beat a woman of significantly smaller stature with no restraint. I would then ask why men are allowed to be angry when women are not, yet we all know the answer to such a question. 

We are witnessing a growing segment of men from all corners of the earth enraged with women for having the ability to simply choose who can have some of her time. 

Inceldom plagues many chat rooms, discord groups, and YouTube comments where the silly-putty minds of young boys are morphed into toxic ideologies about gender. To them, feminism is the black plague, and we modern women are to blame for this decay of “civilized” society. Not just any “civilized” society, but one that predicates every man, regardless of attractive qualities or not, is issued at least one woman. 

Gone are the days of our grandmothers (bless them) who married, birthed, raised, and sacrificed for their families. Gone are the days when men competed only with other men for promotions or positions. Gone are the days when women were shamed for being carefree. Gone are the days when we had to ask for permission. In all honesty, the women of those times really had no other option. 

We, modern/Western women, are the dream of our matriarchal ancestors. We do not have to abide by societal standards. We are free to choose the life that we want to live. And yet, we are here. This is just the beginning of the great pushback against women’s autonomy in “civilized” societies.

We were supposed to go and get an education, not outnumber the number of men enrolled in post-secondary education. We were supposed to find our husbands on college campuses, not wait until our 30s to marry or not at all. We were supposed to birth and raise babies, not fully comprehend the physical and emotional labor of pregnancies and child-rearing, and then decide not to.

One question remains: why are we not angrier? The kind of chaotic anger in which an individual may lose all semblance of reasoning and act on primal impulse. What more do we have to lose? When we examine our domestic violence rates and rape/sexual assault rates, the stakes were already high. Yet now, it’s on fire! 

The Supreme Court of the United States, a Western “civilized” society, has officially declared that we women do NOT have a right to our own bodies. My last and final question: what will spark your flame to action? Anger does not have to be your sole emotion, although it can be a powerful motivator. Now is the time to be angry and use that anger as a source of power.

A woman who can focus, control, and shape her anger can withstand the coming fight. Because of the current sociopolitical trends, there certainly will be one.