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Suggested Reading…

Here’s a quick look into what I have read or am currently reading. Books here are what I would suggest to any enthusiastic and inquiring mind. Feel free to take a closer look if the title looks interesting!

For those confused in their future…

Dr. Meg Jay delves into just how impactful your 20s can be. She criticizes restless indecision and exposes the essence of decisive action.

For those who ruminate and wonder about the past…

Dr. Scott Small goes through a scientific and experienced-based explanation for why the average human’s forgetfulness is an evolutionary gift.

If you want to know the intricacies of patriarchy…

Jess Zimmerman begs an important question: How are women both the objects of desire and the things to scorn/ridicule/demoralize?

Stories in Progress

Digital illustration of the two main characters from this storyline.

Sneak preview into the world of Mythos…

“…I utter, ‘What sort of business? Is it to do with the Council?’ My father’s eyes darts down to his empty plate. I continue, ‘I do not understand why the business of the Council is such a secret. We all know of its doings.’ 

The Council of Mythos, created after a 500 year Civil War, came into being to end the senseless bloodshed between tribes. Anything that remotely resembled civilization was destroyed. The First Seven tribes took up arms against each other. My grandmother told me that our people were merciless; we let greed and selfishness get the better of us. Her favorite saying to me was, ‘My dear Ketie, just remember that we are all different but the same.’ She moved on to the other life a few years ago; I miss her dearly. The topic remains taboo…”

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