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The Fallacious Truth: Psychics, Root Workers, and Fortune Tellers

Once upon a time, I was that person who wanted others to piece my life together. I gave the ultimate gift of life away, because I was afraid of what I may do once in control. I was afraid of failing. I was afraid of choosing wrong. I was afraid of not choosing at all.

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Ongoing Talks: Health Disparities, Diversity and Inclusion, and Cultural Competency

Society is imploding with buzzwords such as diversity and inclusion. What does that truly mean? Why are we not seeing any valuable changes in our society? How do we incorporate this inclusionary aspect into our careers and daily lives?

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The Medical Doctor Paradigm

My childhood dream career was to become a medical doctor, and not just any type of doctor but a cardiologist. I patched the "wounds" on my dolls, attended summer camps for those interested in medicine, and during undergraduate completed the designated coursework for an application to medical school. One thing that I recognized attending academically… Continue reading The Medical Doctor Paradigm

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Truth in a Vacuum

Truth isn't something that's accepted lightly. It's infuriating. When you are confronted with a truth about yourself, you become angry. It's a classic reaction to the shattering image you once held. Your ego doesn't like to be wrong, and it hates to be shown its own reflection. Truth is not something that you can pass… Continue reading Truth in a Vacuum